This weekend brings the annual celebration of ghouls and ghosts and candy, Halloween. I never was a huge fan of the holiday myself but plenty of people are. Mostly kids and single people. Some of my favorite costumes were white ninja, black ninja, green ninja, Commander Riker and a few years ago I slapped a tap light to my chest, dressed in a suit and went as Tony Stark. Contrary to popular belief I never dressed up as Super Mario, not once. Probably a missed opportunity but I never got around to it.

The other big seasonal todo is carving pumpkins, something I was never good at. Some people are incredible at it to the point where if they could figure out a way to monetize this skill they would make lots of money. I’m talking over one dollar. Below is a collection of game themed pumpkins that makes me incredibly sad at my lack of carving skills.

The first one is a pretty basic 8-Bit mario. At first glance this seems pretty ho hum and simple but then you realize it’s on a freaking pumpkin and right angles are pretty damn tough on a curved canvas with a knife. I like the question box off to the side as if Mario is heading towards it.

Unsurprisingly there are a ton of Halo carvings out there. The Halo 3 logo is pretty conducive to a pumpkin and instantly recognizable. I find the pun Haloween is annoying yet adorable. Also I was a little shocked to find a lack of Cortana pumpkins. You would think that a Halo nerd who is willing to make a Halo pumpkin would be the nerd who would have Cortana hentai as well.

I like the subtlety of this one a lot.

Not sure how hard it is to take a poster and make it a pumpkin but this is fine work.

I get the feeling that is is someones tattoo and that makes me sad.

The thinness of the lines in the helmet in this one are really stunning to me. It’s an excellent job by a master carver.

It’s nice to see Sony’s most ambitious game of this generation still getting some love.

Really impressed by the eyes and mouth on Jim here. Very expressive and on a pumpkin!

Link has never looked so good.

Is there anything scarier to a gamer?

Was pretty shocked to see Tetris in my search. Wasn’t something I was expecting to see but was glad I did. Excellent lines and I love the NES controller over to the side.

Charizard! Love that they even had the fire breath.

Always felt that Smurfette was kind of a slut.

I really dig the use of multiple pumpkins to show off the entire Pac-Man family. Even Pac-Man junior there with a propellor beanie. A character I had completely forgotten about.

Who doesn’t love Raccoon Mario? Just look at the glee on his face!

And here is an 8-Bit version of Raccoon Mario. I love both of these so much!

I’m actually surprised that I didn’t find more of these. This seems like a pretty simple yet effective pumpkin design. If I were to be carving a pumpkin this year I would probably attempt this one.

Always thought Dr. Mario would’ve sold well regardless of the Mario license. Such an addictive puzzle game.

Old school Cylons for the win!

Couldn’t find any reverse shots but I think it is safe to assume that it goes all around the pumpkin making this absolutely amazing.

After publication of this story I was linked to even more cool ass pumpkin carvings! Check back here for even more awesome carvings!

Not sure if the laser is a photoshopped effect or they used a green laser pen. Either way an excellent job!

  • chris

    Cylon and death star are my favs

  • Lyrictyus

    you should take a small pumpkin and paint it blue and makew it smurfette