If you listened to today’s excellent Saved By The Cell you would’ve already heard most of the rules for this awesome ass contest. But here is the run down on this.

You, yes YOU can win a special edition Avenger Controller. This special edition has been certified by Bonus-Level technicians to work with your 360. This powerful adapter is said to deliver enhanced abilities to your gameplay. Admit it, you want it.

This can be yours!

So how do you win it? It’s rather simple. You like us on Facebook. Thats it. Click on the link to your right and you’re done! If you already have liked us you are already entered! That simple! But wait theres more!

You can have multiple entries but this is where the work comes in. If you can get your buddies to ‘Like’ us on Facebook you can get multiple entries. Just have your buddy tell us on a wall post that you told them to like us! Make sense? No? Hopefully this helps.

Trent was the 28th person to link us on Facebook. He is already entered but so is the other 127 people. But Trent wants more entries! He wants to win this sweet ass controller real bad! So what does he do? He goes out and gets all of his friends to “Like” us on Facebook and tells them to post on our wall that they are now fans of ours because of Trent! They get entered and Trent gets another entry! Trent now doubles his chances at winning.

Simple isn’t it? The contest officially starts today and ends three weeks from today on May 13th so get on that liking!

You know what? I’ll also add some goodies to the Avenger Controller. Besides the controller I’ll throw in some of my collectible game goodies I have lying around. Some of it I got at PAX East ’10 when I attended and some of it is just what I got. It’s worth it trust me! So go forth and Like!


  • If I do not win, the fix is in.

  • Michael

    Hey do you guys play minecraft if so do you have your own server also can you have a podcast about MINECRAFT!!!

  • no more podcasts!!!!

  • Michael

    no yes no yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss