Ed. Note – The writer has received this non-retail starter deck free of charge from the distributer.

Hey everybody I know ya’ll was expecting another Save Point or Noble Failure but this week I got something special in the mail.

I received a deck of cards from the fine people over Local No 12 an assortment of Designers and Technologists. There motivated to create elegantly designed and culturally smart games for whatever platform seems appropriate. The game in question is Meta Game, a card game about video game debate.

There are two types of cards, one of actual video games and a smaller set of Comparison cards. Comparison cards ask a question about which game is better at one specific thing, like which game gives the player more freedom, or which game deserves more respect then it gets. The rules have you challenge somebody else to debate which video game card is more deserving of the comparison card. You’re to debate for 2 minutes each against one other and any assortment on bystander judges is to decide the winner.

the crew of Local No 12

I received the game before the long weekend and brought it up to cottage with a bunch of friends. My intent was to have my friends and I play it and get more of a feel for the game. Now my friends are nerds in their own right but none have taken to video games the way I have so hearing them discuss the merit of videos that most of them haven’t played was a really interesting prospect.

At one point two of my friends argued for well beyond their time which game was more meditative. The Sims or Farmville. And considering the one that played Sims has never played Farmville and vice versa for the one who played Farmville. The argument went to really odd places. At first introduction Meta Game had people trying to sound highly intelligent about the game they were debating. But as the game progressed people understood that all you had to do was convince judges of our peers and not have to be technically “right” about everything.

The Deck that I got was a starter set but apparently there’s more out there. Hopefully once this game becomes an actually product more cards will be added. Since the only complaint I could see was the limited number of game and comparison cards that I had. The one really nice thing about Meta Game is its easy implementation as it can be played anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. This leads to games happening anywhere and everywhere. All of which allowed everybody to say there peace, no matter how insane there point was.

The amazing people over at Local No 12 put together a rather successful kickstarter campaign and it’s said that production of the real sets will start sometime in September 2011. To find more about them check out the links below. I implore you to check out this game that’s not a video game but talks about them in a serious but still enjoyable way.

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