Hey all, it’s Wednesday so you know what that means: I get to hop on my soap box and yell out from my small, back-alley denizen of the internet and talk something nerdy. But before I get into that I’d like to pull back the curtain for some of ya’ll.

You see, when I want to write something for the site I usually think of topic of interest, do a bit research and then hammer out my thoughts into a word doc. Then I go back and revise to make me sound less rabble and a little more succinct. It’s a fun process that allows me to use those parts of my brain that have mostly atrophied from lack of use since my school days.

But this week is a bit different since I haven’t really honed in on one topic to write about. As a result this week’s issue might be a little disjointed. So, without further ado here comes the nerdy stuff.

I picked up a bunch of issues from DC Comics new 52, a type of re-boot-launch-makeover for the entire DC universe. I picked up 14 of the new 52.

Justice League #1

Detective comics #1

Action Comics #1

Batgirl #1

Green Arrow #1

Batwing #1

Justice League international #1

Hawk and Dove # 1

Static Shock #1

Stormwatch #1

Swamp Thing #1

Animal Man #1

Men of War #1


After finishing all the issues and their new, cleaner continuity I was confronted with the thought that a few of them were good (2-3 by my account) and the remaining ranged from bad to boring. Thinking about this further I wondered why I didn’t like many of them. Could it be that they’re all 1st issues and I should let the series run on for a bit before I make a judgment call?

No, I don’t think that’s it. If comic writers expected readers to hold out until the comic gets good you would never get time for the naturally good stories.

Maybe I just don’t have an eye for comics. I mean, I know my fair share but I could never claim to be devout comic fan. That shouldn’t hold me back from enjoying something as long as it’s interesting though, should it? More to the point, why aren’t I a comic book fan? Why can’t I ever really get into comics the way I get into video games, movies and television?

I think I know the reason. I personally think that most comics are poor examples of clever and engaging writing. They mostly follow super human characters that often brute force their way through a problem, which I may have enjoyed when I was younger, but now I find it droll and uninspiring. Don’t get me wrong there are some great comics out there with fun and engaging characters, I just think they’re buried under waves of mediocre material.

Now I know it would be ill advised to damn the entire comic industry for making something that doesn’t interest me. Different stroke for different folks and all that. The comics they do make obviously sell and if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. But then again, look at any type of sales numbers for comics within the last five years and you’ll see there’s been a gradual drop in readership.

One point in the comic industry’s favour is the fact that on a weekly basis they are cranking out creative content like a well oiled machine and obviously making enough coin to continue to do so. I mean, if writers were given the time novel authors are given to finish books I’m sure we would have a lot more Long Halloweens and Watchmen and less Danger Girl. But the reality is they have monthly deadlines with comics coming out every week.

The more I think of it the more I feel bad for those writers that have to drain their creative juices dry all the time.

But alas I’m off topic! Back to the new 52… I think my main reason for not enjoying them is they’re still like comics from a year or two ago. Sure the stories are changed but they’re still books about super powered people beating up bad guys.

And I think that’s just not my thing anymore. Maybe if anyone out there has any suggestions for a comic series that doesn’t rely on two page action spreads I’m all ears.

Also the issues I did like are the number 1’s for Swamp thing, Animal man and Detective comics. Just so you all know I don’t hate everything.

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  • rick

    you’re right. i was into many of the Marvel titles back during Civil War, but most individual issues were pretty boring, i have a lot that i just never read due to lack of interest. which is why i no longer ever buy issues, just trades of only the great stuff.

    i agree that Watchmen and Long Halloween are great. add The Killing Joke to that list, please, as short as it is.  for a great new ongoing series that has a few trades out, check out ‘Irredeemable’.

    and no love for Danger Girl?  i LOVED Danger Girl back when it came out when i was a college freshman. possibly more due to J. Scott Campbell’s art than the story… maybe i shouldn’t revisit my back issues.

  • Demelo Christopher

    as long as there not stuck together lol. thanks for the reply 

  • http://twitter.com/LanceCoviello Lance Coviello

    I really enjoy Invincible and Walking Dead.  The books that got me back into comics were Midnight Nation and Rising Stars so you could check those out.

  • Demelo Christopher

    will do

  • http://twitter.com/MattDocMartin Matt Doc Martin

    Why is this article not from, Tigger Pete?

  • http://twitter.com/LanceCoviello Lance Coviello

    Because he didn’t write it :)

  • Chrissucks

    ” rabble and a little more succinct” chris that whole line about how you make your soap-box is not the definition of succinct “marked by compact precise expression without wasted words <a succinct description"

     do a bit research and then  – find the missing word
    Proof read.