Have you ever played an Indie game?

They’re often worked on by a small team but more often than not a single person. Their budget is limited if not non-existent. Most of all, they offer something different from the mainstream of gaming. Indie Devs often have to experiment more in order to get noticed. Well in light of this and the release of umpteenth Indie Bundle for charity collection, I decided to pick up the 99% Bundle. A collaboration of thirteen Indie Developers.

First of all, the majority of the 99% Bundle I found unplayable and just not very fun. Perhaps I don’t have the right mindset to play some of these games. I found them to be just slapped together and seemingly lazy. I’m not here to bash some indie developers so I won’t go any further. I’m in fact here to praise two games for their change of pace and level of polish that was missing from the remaining bundle. Prior and Lone Boss and Cub both provided two very different types of game play.

Lone Boss and Cub was created by Laurent Goethals using RPG maker and all within four days. A quick and fun romp wherein you control a giant dungeon boss protecting your egg from adventurous heroes. Your arsenal consists of making fire sprout from the ground, raising a wall of electricity and summoning two types of enemy types to take out your enemies (the good guys). Your stationary the entire game and must use a small bit of logic to know when to launch certain attack as they are all set to a timer. The game is broken into 20 days that last between 30 to 90 seconds, with extra harder difficulties post game ending. A neat fun little game that is great if you want to kill 15 minutes out of your day.

Prior created by Krang Games is a change of pace. It’s has a hyper minimalist design with a haunting atmosphere. You’re a square that awakens in a facility. You learn the platforming basics – wall slides, gravity jumps and double jumps. The story is told in notes you find on the floor. On return playthroughs I found there to be three different endings. All varying degrees of depressing but well crafted endings. Prior’s biggest strength is that it is easy to pick up play and has a great ambient atmosphere. I was able to play and get all three endings within 9 minutes and it was most assuredly worth it.

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